Security & Identification

You will need to present valid ID to enter the event and must keep it on you at all times. All guests will receive a lanyard and plastic pouch for their belongings that they want to bring into World Waterpark.
Valid identification includes the following (must not be expired, must be 18+ years of age):
No photocopies, photos or paper copies accepted. All must be original valid ID
• Alberta or Out of Province Driver’s License
• Alberta Identification Card
• Passport
• Armed Forces Identification Card
• Canadian Citizenship Card
• Certificate of Indian Status Card
• Canadian Permanent Resident Card
If you have any security concerns, you may contact West Edmonton Mall Security at 780-444-4444.


Soundwave is committed to being as accessible as possible. There are points regarding accessibility to the event throughout applicable sections.
If you require any further information regarding accessibility to the Soundwave event, please contact the World Waterpark Guest Services (780-444-5313). If you have any concerns regarding accessibility to the event, you can fill out the contact form on the contact page.


Cabana rentals and Bottle Service are available for booking. Visit Cabana page for more details
The Poolside VIP Cabana’s (#’s 1-6) and bottle service have ramps for access to the rental spaces located at the entrance to the SkyFlyer Zipline. There is also a handicap accessible bathroom located near the ramp for these rental spaces.


All Soundwave events are 18+ and valid government issued ID is required for admission.
Any AHS regulations will be in place at the event and entry requirements may be subject to change.
Doors for Soundwave events open at 7:30pm and do not close for entry. There are no in and out privileges for Soundwave events. Once you leave the World Waterpark, you will not be permitted re-entry.
There is handicap parking located at the very front of the Entrance 50 parking lot. Each mall door has handicap access to enter and exit the mall.
To enter the facility, there is an elevator on level one of the mall that takes you to the lobby and main entrance for the World Waterpark. There is also a ramp entrance into the facility for wheelchairs, staff and VIPs located on level one of the mall to the very left of the viewing glass.


There is a ramp from the changerooms to the main wave pool and beach area. The ramp is quite steep and if assistance is needed, a Lifeguard or First Responder located in the first aid room can help. The first aid room is located next to the women’s changeroom. If assistance is needed going down the ramp, please speak with a member of the Guest Services team located at the top of the ramp beside Beachview Snacks Concession.
There are ramps located near the Caribbean Cove Splash park for access to the smoke pit and another ramp behind the Tropical Typhoon slide for access to the beach from the public bathrooms/Surfside Grill area. The first aid tent is located behind the Caribbean Cruiser slide, on top of the Splash Pad if any assistance is required near the smoke pit. A member of the security team located throughout the park can assist with mobility through certain areas.
The Poolside VIP Cabana’s (#’s 1-6) and bottle service have ramps for access to the rental spaces located at the entrance to the SkyFlyer Zipline.

Change Rooms/Bathrooms/Lockers

World Waterpark change rooms and lockers will be available for you to change and store your items. Regular sized lockers are $17 and jumbo sized lockers are $20. Both have all-night multi-entry access included.
When lockers sell out, bag check will be available upon entry for $10. There will be no in/out access for bag check.
Each changeroom within the facility has handicap accessible bathrooms. The Family changeroom has 1, the Men’s has 2 and the Ladies has 2.
The public bathroom by Surfside Grill has ramp access and two handicap accessible bathrooms.


Clean sandals or flip-flops are permitted, however you may go barefoot if you wish.
Swimwear is not mandatory. Some guests choose to wear summer attire instead.
All guests will receive a lanyard and plastic pouch for their belongings that they want to bring into World Waterpark.

Wave Pool/Waterslides/Hot Tubs

The waterslides and hot tubs are not operational during Soundwave events to ensure the safety of all guests.
The wave pool will be open to a depth of 3 feet; however the waves will not be turned on.

Tickets & Refunds

The tiered ticketing system rewards people for purchasing their tickets early. There is no difference between these tickets other than the price.
You can either print off the ticket or pull up the ticket and bar-code on a mobile device for entry.
VIP tickets include admission, VIP express entry, exclusive use to new washrooms, VIP lanyard, sound activated light up bracelet, and VIP bar area only accessible to VIP ticket holders.
Please note there is a limited amount of tickets available.
There are no refunds available for this event and all tickets are final sale.
You are welcome to sell your tickets privately. It does not matter which name is listed on the ticket as long as the barcode is valid. Each ticket has a barcode and once redeemed is no longer valid. Purchasers should be careful that they are not purchasing a duplicate ticket/barcode.
Soundwave is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Any damaged or altered tickets will not be accepted.


Drinks on site are $10 includes GST.
Drink wristbands will be available for pre-purchase online or purchase upon entry with 8 drinks for $80 and include a $1 gratuity to the bartender. Wristbands are not refundable and valid for only the night of the event.
Drink wristbands can be purchased for a minimum of 1 drink or a maximum of 20 drinks.


Food is available for purchase at Coconut Grove, located across from the VIP section on the south side of the park.